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SAINTS: The Miniseries

SAINTS: The Miniseries

SAINTS: The Miniseries
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Episode 1 - Waking Up
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Episode 1 - Waking Up

Episode 3 - A Monster's Favor
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Episode 3 - A Monster's Favor


Lance Wright (Corey Lizotte) is a man living an average life. That all ends when his wife Emily (Alyssa Young) is murdered. The police have no suspects and Lance is left with no closure on the case. This leads him to take matters into his own hands and get in touch with Hudson; (Mark A. Lizotte) a contract killer. He wants Hudson's help finding the man so he can have revenge. Revenge isn't as simple as it sounds though.

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A battle royale game where
each player completes contracts and builds an arsenal to fight the other players and be the last contract killer standing.

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"If I could give it less than one star I would. It looks like a film students project that they wrote, shot, and edited the day before it was due even though they had a year to make it."

                                 - Will L.

"What did I like most? The exact moment when I quit watching this hideous attempt at acting along with the boredom. So lousy it's actually funny. Would give zero stars if possible."

                                        - beaverstateguy

"Seemed like they were reading their lines, amateur film-making. Can't believe Amazon wasted their money on this!"

                       - Swar

"Tried to like this...but it is horrible. Acting is atrocious"

                           - Amazon Customer

"I would give this zero stars if I could. Seriously the worst I have ever tried to watch on Prime."

                       - firegirlpj

"While some acting isn't the best, the story was well written and directed. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of story telling. Worth watching."

                           - Amazon Customer

Lance w Bat
Lance + Hudson
Hudson Strikes2
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