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Criminal Underworld Setup
Criminal Underworld Box Front
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The criminal underworld of Palm City has been operating without interruption since the city was first founded in 1993. The criminal way of life is sewn into the fabric of this community’s culture. Due to this, both the city and the criminal underworld within it have thrived for years. The underworld’s death grip on the city has left plenty of room for each sector to experience rampant growth. Allowing the six biggest subdivisions to eventually form their own fully operational organizations and establish tyrannical & unyielding leaders at the head of each.


Drugs are manufactured and distributed by Los Pes. They are the most cutthroat & unrestrained cartel a person could ever cross. The drugs are top-notch though. The art of assassination is best handled by the maestros in the Saints organization. Their discipline has been conditioned into a number of accomplished contract killers. They’re the best bang for your buck. prostitution is a sought-after option in Palm City. The girls are protected and managed by The Kitten Club. They are also, the best bang for your buck.


Cyber crimes are initiated by the Shadow Crew. This deals with hacking and selling goods on the dark web. Money laundering is provided to businesses in need from the Mobleone Family. Their operations go untouched due to a long standing agreement with local law enforcement, Lastly, weapons coming in and out of the city go through Heaven’s Devils. Selling guns in Palm City is booming business.


With money flooding in, each sector felt secure. Entrenched in their roles with everyone aware of who was in charge of what market. Things went smoothly without conflict. But who wants to be king of the hill, when there’s a whole mountain? The city’s potential was capped for each organization when left with only one option to bring in money. What if maybe they started to dip into the other sectors of crime? With the Mobleone Family selling drugs and Saints dealing weapons, it is only a matter of time until someone feels they need to protect what’s theirs. That’s when war begins. And when the dust settles, only one organization will be left standing. Times are changing.


Welcome to the Criminal Underworld.

You’ll be in charge of sending out attacks on other player organizations to bring down their headquarters’ power. You‘ll also set up defenses to defend your own headquarters from attacks, You’ll also be managing your organization’s money, running side businesses that distribute money to you each turn, trading goods & performing acts of criminal activity to steal money from other players. This is a headquarters defense/money management game where each decision you make has a consequence.


You can form alliances, create deals, & deceive enemies. This is a game where you have free reign over the way your organization is run. If you decide to renege on a previously made deal, that’s up to you. Maybe you agreed not to attack another organization because they helped you earlier, and you attack anyways. You can do that. Just know that your trust now will be lost and other players will be aware of your backstabbing tendencies. Your word means something in the Criminal Underworld. Balancing well maintained alliances while outwitting & backstabbing players is the key to staying ahead and winning the game


Deck of 108 Cards - 1 Card Tuck Box - 1 Criminal Underworld Card Mat
84 Power Shards - 1 Power Shard Container - 1 Scorepad - 2 Pencils
Deck of 6 Criminal Organization Cards - 1 Card Hook Box
126 Bills of Money 
- 4 Money Envelopes - 1 Game Manual


The aim of the game is to be the last player standing.

Do this by eliminating all other criminal organizations.

You eliminate a criminal organization by bringing their power down to zero. Once all other players are eliminated you win.

Trade Cards
Service Cards
Offense Cards
Offense & Defense Cards
Business Cards
Criminal Organizations Cards
Defense Cards
Criminal Activity Cards


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